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Should you Get a HCA or an NAC?

HCA stands for Home Care Aid. In Washington State, those with that designation have completed 75 hours (minimum) education/training and passed a state exam.


The choice comes down to what kind of work you are passionate about, where you want to work and the paycheck you can expect for that work.

Where can you work?



Hospitals hire NAC/CNAs to work in ER settings and on other floors to assist doctors, nurses and administrative staff.



Clinics and Doctors’ Offices will hire CNA/NACs to assist with patient care.



Home Health care agencies hire NCA/CNAs to care for people in their own homes with one-on-one personal care.

Home Care agencies, those with non-medical designations, will hire HCAs to provide support services to people in their homes.


Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes and Adult Family Homes will hire NAC/CNAs to help care for people in those settings.

More options are available to you as a CNA/NAC than with an HCA.

What is the difference in pay?

According to Salary.com in Yakima WA, where our school is based, the average HCA should expect $22,394 and $27,06 per year.

On the other hand, the CNA/NAC yearly wages can range from $28,835 and $35,398.

So, why choose a CNA/NAC certification over an HCA?

Both are rewarding for those in the business of caring. But flexibility of where you can work and what you can plan to take home, CNA wins, hands down.

And here’s the kicker, both courses are about the same length!

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