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Nurse Delegation Core Training

What Is Nurse Delegation Training Program?

According to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), nurse delegation training lets nursing assistants, working in a particular setting, to carry out certain tasks and activities, such as administration of prescription drugs or blood sugar testing that are usually performed by a licensed nurse. A registered nurse is required to teach and oversee the nursing assistant while offering nursing assessments of the patient’s condition.

To be qualified for nursing delegation, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is required to undergo the nurse delegation training in Washington State, pass the test and earn the certificate awarded by the DSHS.

Why It Is Important?

In Washington State, many health care settings – including adult family homes and in-home care agencies – require CNAs to possess the DSHS core certificate as a condition of employment. This certificate has no expiry date and counts towards continuing education (CEU) too.

Benefits of Nurse Delegation Core Training

Once a qualified caregiver enrolls in a nurse delegation program in Yakima or other any other city in Washington, and clears the nursing delegation certification, he/she can administer an array of medicines under the oversight of a licensed nurse delegator. As far as patients and the elderly are concerned, nursing delegation allows older adults with health care or any specific needs to receiving nursing care while living outside of a nursing home or any other residential care facility.

Nurse Delegation Core Training Course by Caremark

Our nurse delegation program is designed to be studied at home. Students can collect the coursework from our office in Yakima and can complete the same at their home as per their convenience. The students are provided with a workbook and DVD as part of their study material. During the Caremark’s nurse delegation classes, the students will receive 9 hours of continuing education that count toward the annual requirement of 12 hours.

You can choose to purchase your course for nurse delegation training online or in our office. In the end of the course, the students are required to appear for a supervised in-person test, conducted at our facility. The monitored test usually takes 30 minutes to complete. Call us at 564-888-2506 to schedule test date and time.

Course Fee: $50.00

The fee for Caremark’s nurse delegation training program is $50.00. This has to be paid at the time of buying the coursework online or collecting it from our office.

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