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Nurse Delegation Diabetes Training

This nurse delegation training is specially designed for the caregivers, who offer care to diabetics under the guidance of a delegation nurse in different health care settings; both residential and home-based.

Thanks to the law passed by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in 2008 that brought the act administering insulin injections to diabetes patients under the ambit of nurse delegated tasks. Due to this law, diabetes patients in Washington State now enjoy the freedom of staying at home or in a residential care facility without worrying about their injection needs.

This course consists of DSHS-approved curriculum, which revolves around topics like law related to nurse delegation with respect to diabetes care, basic roles and responsibilities of a caregiver working with a diabetes patient, and administration of medications, including insulin shots, as well as general medical understanding and procedures specific to a nurse delegated caregiver.

Major Learnings from the Course:

After completing this self-study nurse delegation diabetes course, you will able to able to broaden your understanding of the following, but not limited to:

  • Different types of diabetes and differences between them
  • Long- and short-term effects of diabetes on the patient’s body
  • How insulin acts inside the body to lower the blood glucose level
  • How to administer it safely

This nurse delegation diabetes course can be studied at home by the students on their own, following which, the student will need to appear at a test center for a monitored examination. An added advantage of the Caremark’s nurse delegation diabetes training is that it will additionally earn you 3 hours of continuing education credit.

Prerequisite of the Nurse Delegation Diabetes Course:

A key prerequisite of the Caremark’s Nurse Delegation Diabetes Training is that the caregiver or nursing assistant, willing to take up this course, has to initially complete Nurse Delegation Core Training before enrolling to the diabetes-specific course.


How to Purchase the Caremark’s Diabetes Training Course

You can choose to purchase your course for nurse delegation training online or in our office. In the end of the course, the students are required to appear for a supervised in-person test, conducted at our facility. The monitored test usually takes 30 minutes to complete. Call us at 564-888-2506 to schedule test date and time.

Course Fee: $40.00

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