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Nurse Delegation Core Training

Nurse Delegation is a process by which a qualified caregiver may be trained and monitored to provide medication, therapy or treatment which has historically only been offered by a licensed nurse.  Under Nurse Delegation, caregivers can administer a wide variety of medicines under the supervision of a nurse delegator.  For patients and residents, delegation allows an older adult with medical needs to live outside of a nursing home while receiving nursing care.

This course is designed for at-home study.  Coursework can be picked up at our office and done at home, at your own pace.  The course also includes monitored in-person testing.

You will also receive 9 hours of continuing education that counts toward your annual 12-hour requirement. Expand your horizons of what you can do with nurse delegation training.

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Become a Nurse Delegate

At home study courses are available through Caremark.

You can purchase your Nurse Delegation Core Course online.  Study materials may be picked up at our office.  Home study is required.  Testing is done at our facility.

This will eventually be a calendar of available testing dates.  Monitored tests for a Nurse Delegation Course will take approximately 30 minutes.  Until calendar is working, please call 833-CAREMRK to schedule your test date and time.