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Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC)


Caremark’s Nursing Assistant Certification Program focuses on training and certifying quality nursing aids to begin their career in the medical field.  We do this by teaching a solid foundation of clinical skills and instruction on quality of care. The first phase of the course,  consists of classroom lecture and videos, clinical skills demonstration and practice. During this time, students will be required to pass written exams, clinical skills tests, and have completed all required coursework. Students must have successfully completed all written and practical exams before being allowed to move to the clinical experience phase of their training. The clinical experience phase of the course consists of patient care, performed on location at an approved clinical site. During the clinical experience phase of the training, students will be required to meet a list of clinical objectives for course completion. Students will be supervised at all times. Following successful completion of clinical experience, students will be issued a certificate of completion and will then be eligible for the Washington State Nursing Assistant Certification Examination.

Caremark offers several class formats:

The NAC Fast-Track that allows individuals to complete all of the required classes and clinical hours in approximately 4 weeks, with an on-sight formal evaluation at the end of the course. The intensive class is a compressed format and it best suited for those who have a basic background in healthcare and are seeking an efficient way to become certified with a minimum amount of downtime but a maximum amount of learning!

Class times will be 8:45 am – 4:45 pm, Monday through Friday. The course will include 44 classes hours, 22 lab hours and 42 clinical site hours. Clinical site times may vary and are dependent upon the clinical site.


The HCA to NAC Bridge course is for students currently holding an HCA certification.  This course runs 5 days and includes 5 lecture hours, 15 lab hours and 4 clinical site hours. Clinical site times may vary and are dependent upon the clinical site. For more information about this course, including the cost of this course, visit our HCA to NAC Bridge Program page.


COMING SOON:  Our NAC Evenings/Weekends course will run for 6 weeks with in-class learning and skills training occurring in the evenings and on weekends, and off-site clinical training. This course is ideal for students working during weekday hours, parents without childcare during the day, or students needing a little more time to master skills.

Class times will be 5:50 pm – 9:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 10:00 am – 4:40 pm on Saturdays. The course will include 44 class hours, 22 lab hours and 40 clinical site hours. Clinical site times may vary and are dependent upon the clinical site. Because weekend clinical hours are limited, it is likely you will be having to complete most clinical hours on a weekday, during normal business hours.


Training Locations:

Classroom study and lab skills will be conducted at our site.  Our facility is equipped with large desks, comfortable chairs, and a skills lab that mimics a clinic room in a large, naturally-lit space.  We welcome potential students to stop by to visit our site.

Clinical experience hours will be conducted at one of partner facilities.

Learn more about our partners for the clinical experience HERE.

Admission into our NAC Program requires the following:

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Current and valid CPR/First Aid Training (can be acquired through Caremark)
  • Must be able to read, write, understand and speak the English language, as the WA State exam is only in English at this time.
  • A clean background check and drug screening.
  • A Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST) within 6 months of the start of class (can be acquired through Caremark).
  • A minimum high school diploma/GED or pass the Accupacer entrance exam.
  • Must be physically able to perform the duties of the Nursing Assistant. These duties include and are not limited to: lifting, moving and transporting of patients.

Please complete the application online for clarification on requirements, or call our admissions coordinator for questions.

Final Grades and Certifications are based on:

  • Attendance.  State requirements must be fulfilled.
  • Assignments. Classroom and skills assessments must be completed.
  • Skills Exams.  Proficiency in a variety of skills must be shown.
  • Written Exams.  A passing grade of 80% or higher is required on all exams.
  • Clinical Experience.  State requirements must be fulfilled.
  • Final State Exam.  A passing grade of 80% or higher is required.

Course Costs:

The cost of our NAC courses is $950, broken down as follows.

  • Application Fee: $30
  • Registration Fee: $100
  • Tuition Fee: $645
  • Books: $55
  • Supplies and Materials: $120
    • stethoscope, manual BP cuff, gait belt, 1 set of Caremark scrubs, lab supplies, ID badge

* We do have payment options available!

Additional required costs:             

  • Testing Fee (Pearson VUE):   $124
  • License Fee (WA State DOH):  $65
  • 2-Step TB Skin Test:  $30 (through Caremark) or provide documentation of current TB Skin Test
  • CPR/First Aid:   $30 (through Caremark) or provide documentation of current CPR training
  • Watch with a Second Hand:  Price Varies
  • replacement ID Badge:  $10

Other Optional Costs:

  • Extra Scrubs:  $30

For more information about tuition fees, payment schedule, refunds and financial aid available click HERE.

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Admission to Caremark Clinical Education is limited.  Applicants are screened and selected based on the application answers, submission deadline and brief interview process.

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